Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer FAQs

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Group FAQs

Q. Is it beneficial to hire a lawyer to help me with my ICBC claim?

A. A dedicated injury lawyer at Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Group can maximize victims’ settlements to ensure all – not just immediate – needs are met. They will look out for your best interests when no one else will and can help you provide evidence supporting your innocence and right to compensation.

Q. Will I need to provide any information to my lawyer?

A. If possible, you should be prepared to provide a skilled Vancouver injury lawyer with:

  • A list of the names and numbers of eyewitnesses
  • The date, time, and location of the accident
  • Any evidence you have from the accident (e.g. clothes, shoes, etc.)
  • Receipts of any injury-related expenses
  • Documentation of injury treatment and diagnosis
  • Any other information pertinent to the accident and your case

Q. Should I accept the ICBCs settlement?

A. No. You should not accept a settlement offer from the ICBC without consulting an ethical personal injury lawyer in Vancouver. As easy as it may seem to assess the value of your injury damages, many victims are unaware of the long term costs associated with the treatment of a severe injury. An experienced personal injury attorney at Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Group can properly assess your past, current, and future injury needs.

Q. Can I file a third party claim and still collect benefits from ICBC?

A. Unfortunately, no. You cannot file a claim against a third party and collect benefits from ICBC. In most cases, victims recover much more compensation from a third party claim than they would have ever received from ICBC.

Q. Does it matter what type of lawyer I hire to handle my case?

A. Yes. When choosing a competent personal injury attorney to handle your claim, look for an attorney who has had experience handling similar cases. Also, look for an attorney who has secured large settlements for injured clients. Hiring an attorney with personal injury legal experience can have a significant affect on the outcome of a case. Hiring unqualified legal representation could mean you walk away with little to no monetary compensation.

Q. When can I meet with an injury lawyer at Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Group?

A. You can meet with a compassionate injury lawyer at Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Group almost anytime of the day during the week and on weekends. They will make themselves available to you when it’s most convenient for you. There is no time to waste, so call 604-398-8831 today and schedule a free case evaluation. If filing a lawsuit it within your legal options, you only pay legal fees when you collect.